Spiral Staircase Elevates Minimalist Duplex in Thailand

The creative team at FATTSTUDIO completed the renovation of an apartment with an intriguing layout in Bangkok, Thailand. The aim of the project was to design a bright, airy living space for a young couple with a love for minimalism.

A major challenge of the design update was to adapt the contemporary living needs of the owners to the existing space. This home in Thailand spreads over two floors, a 90 square-meter (968 square-foot) area below and a 20 square-meter (215 square-foot) mezzanine level above. A spiral staircases connects the two floors and adds an elegant touch to the interior scheme.

In order to meet the owners’ expectation in terms of practical storage, the designers built two large wardrobes (one next to the entrance, and another inside the bedroom), as well as integrated shelving solutions.

The main floor accommodates the living area, separated by the bedroom through a glass & steel wall. The array of materials and textures make the place feel vibrant, despite its minimalist arrangements. Parts of the wood found in the apartment before the renovation was restored and magically highlighted.

The octagon-shaped mezzanine above was envisioned as an indoor gallery, where the owners can work or relax. Generously-sized windows allow natural light to flood the spaces, while adding their own share of refinement.

Enjoy this pictorial tour!

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