Indonesian Forest Retreat Unveils Leaf-Shaped Roofs, Grotto Pool

Ananda House is an unconventional holiday retreat designed by IBUKU Architecture in the shape of two multi-level structures. Hidden in the tropical forests of Abiansemal, Indonesia, these two architecture gems blend natural materials with innovative lodging.

Stone pathways wind through the terraced garden and lead the way to the main entrance of the retreat. Wooden balconies and decks ensure a smooth transition between the interiors and the magic outdoors.

“The curving leaf-shaped roofs sweep low around the sides, and under them you can see a glimpse of glass which reflects the green of the garden, and white curtains flowing,” the architects said. “These are the private bedrooms, and at the front of each is a private balcony pointing east towards the valley.”

A teardrop-shaped open pavilion accommodates the living area, with comfortable rustic chairs and a welcoming kitchen. The wooden bar features a curving countertop made from flat slabs of river stone.

“The deck sweeps around the north side of the family pavilion towards the grotto pool; it’s a continuation of the living space which cultivates an indoor-outdoor feeling and overhangs the cliff just slightly,” the architects added. Photography courtesy of Stephen Johnson, Shaan Hurley and Rio Helmi.

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