Complex Winery Design Features Green Roof, Sliding Screens

California-based Signum Architecture completed the design of Odette Estate Winery, a modern structure aimed at mirroring the refinement of the wines produced in the famous Napa Valley. The project is said to express the owner’s commitment to sustainable farming and wine production.

Defined by organic shapes throughout, the structure blends in with the landscape.”Nestled in the valley’s eastern hills, the building’s living roof appears to have been pushed up from the earth,” the architects said.

“At the front of the building, sliding perforated aluminum screens in tall, voluptuous forms veil the winery’s covered crush pad and open-air workspace. Behind these screens, three repurposed shipping containers serve as comfortable and sophisticated winery laboratory and office space.”

With a clean and simple layout, it’s easy to move from one functional area of the winery to the next. The design of the fermentation barrels matches the sober interiors, as if to invite guests to take a moment and reflect on the wine-drinking ritual.

On-site renewable energy created by solar panels and the smart use of building materials are just some of the elements that make the project sustainable. Photos and information provided by Signum Architecture.

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