apartment floor plan

Apartment floor plans are a design or planning that is made to a design apartment. This time is planning to design apartment. Planning designs like this are highly in need for us to make the design more beautiful apartment and neat as we want. Then when the design of the apartment so it will be very appearance and beautiful. This is some design planning apartment very amazing.

This is one of the design of apartment floor plans are very interesting. If we see there is an interesting design because the design of this apartment has a good arrange. Starting from the entrance we could see the dining room. On the left we will find that in the design of living room spacious enough for us to relax while also will relax. In front of the entrance there is a hallway that will synchronize with the master bedroom, the second bedroom and bathroom. In the corner of the room there is a master bedroom design that is quite extensive and there is also a bathroom inside. With extensive design will make you comfortable. This apartment is also equipped with a fairly wide balcony adjoin the living room. This would be a wonderful design.

This is also included apartment floor plans are very interesting. Of the entrance there is a hallway on the right there is a bathroom. When entering on the left there is a dining room, living room that is equipped with a kitchen. If we directly towards the door right then we will find a two bedroom which has the same size and contiguous. In front of the rooms are well equipped bathroom with a bathtub. This design does not have a balcony but has a minimalist design that is very interesting. You can apply a design apartment like this. This is an interesting design.

This is a small apartment design but has an attractive design. If we look from the entrance there is a kitchen in the middle of the room with equipped with a living room and dining room. This space is much maximized in the arrangement because it has a fairly small space. There are one room which has an area large enough and also there are showers and dress areas that are outside the room. This design is very amazing.

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